Fleet Insurance Solutions

Euro Insurances provides a full suite of insurance covers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Below are the most common covers:

Third Party Liability
Third Party Liability insurance covers the legal liability for third party property damage, bodily injury or death caused by the insured driver arising from the use of the insured vehicle.

Personal Indemnity
Personal Indemnity insurance covers death and bodily injury of passenger and driver of the insured car.

Own Damage
Own Damage insurance covers accidental loss or damage, including damage by fire, theft or glass breakage, to the insured vehicle. The cover includes loss or damage to parts and/or accessories. The service includes recovery from Third Parties when not at fault.

Catastrophic events
Catastrophes events insurance provides cover in the event of a loss involving two or more vehicles caused by an insured peril, such as flood, hurricane, landslide, earthquake or tornado.

Roadside Assistance
This cover provides first response in the event of a breakdown or accident. Should the vehicle be deemed not roadworthy, the driver and passengers will be transported to the final destination of their journey and the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage or repair shop.

Legal Defence
Legal Defence insurance covers costs incurred in taking civil action against a third party or defending a civil action brought by a third party.

Ancillary Fleet Covers
Next to the more common motor insurance covers described above, Euro Insurances also specialises in certain specific ancillary covers most relevant for fleet owners. These include amongst other GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection) and end-of (lease) contract damages.